Web Developers Love Our Software

Mobile Site Designers & Offline Marketers will LOVE our MyMobi Launcher Software.

  • Our software simplifies the process of creating a Mobile Site App.
  • No more worries about SDKs and JDKs. It all built in!
  • Now YOU can make an App that is Android Market-Ready
    can be done in less than 5 minutes.
  • You don’t even need a Computer Programming Degree to use it!
  • Create a New Revenue Stream Making Android Apps for Mobile Sites!

Just complete a few data elements and you are ready to create your Android APK!

Simply enter basic Website Info and your Android Market Developer Info and it creates a finished .APK file in less than 1 minute. Submit it (and the required graphics) to the Android Market to put your App and your clients’ site “In the Android Market”. They’ll be amazed!

  • Now you can put your clients’ sites in the Android Market!
  • Business owners will love being in the Market!
  • Typically “LIVE” within a few hours!
  • Make Money with this service (we suggest $97).
  • Think about the upsell potential to this!
  • Create an Unlimited Number of App Launchers.


Android/Google Play Apps can now feature your (or client’s) content including:

  • Company Mobile Website App
  • Web Based Ebook Apps
  • HTML based Apps
  • Client Mobile Websites
  • Landing Page Apps
  • PPC Apps
  • and so much more….

PS – You will need to register for the Android market (only $25) – but we’ll tell you more about that on the inside.

PSS – Windows Only – Java 7 Version Now Available.

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